rajini menon guru vasanas

How to overcome temptations and instincts

Q: I find myself prey to temptations and instincts.  However, I want to be in situations where I fall prey to temptations and instincts, yet not affected by that. What should I do for that?

Rajini Ma: If you find yourself falling prey to temptations, you have to be very alert, firstly. Then, you have to consciously put in efforts and see to it that you do not fall prey to any such temptations. Avoiding situations that provoke temptations is a prudent path to follow. The state you desire to be is that where you have attained to eternal peace, where your peace is no longer disturbed regardless of the situations you face. It is only then that you can go about anywhere and be in the midst of anything without getting affected. Then your response will always be righteous and you will not be affected by any kind of situations that comes into your life. But in order to attain to that state, you have to put in efforts like the three wise monkeys.