Face to Face with Reality

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Commendation by Swami Gabheerananda

The Awakening which resulted in self-realization graciously paved way to Rajini’s commendable insight and crystal clear dexterity a few years back. She has compassionately answered to the questions that some true spiritual seekers and some common people have been asking. This is a wonderful compilation of many such conversations. The questions that have been put forth by the spiritual aspirants about life, its purpose and enlightenment were answered effortlessly.  This is a very special book which takes you face to face with reality and throws light on everyone to live their life beautifully and righteously.

The action less “I” is experienced in her total absorption a few years ago. This is a rare phenomenon which happens on this planet. We are blessed to have such a soul amongst us. More wonderful are the words that have come out of such a divine soul. They assure us of a light pointing towards the truth. All that flows out through her are very much and fully in tune with Vedantic teachings and its perfection has been endorsed by a living legend, a living authority on Vedanta, who is my Guru also, Swami Dayananda Saraswathi.

May this book attain its maximum purpose by the all-merciful Self. My prayers and blessings

 Swami Gabheerananda, Acharya, Chinmaya Mission


Commendation by Swami Rajeswarananda Saraswati

When I write a preface to this book and about Smt Rajini Menon, the first thing that comes to mind is the attitude, and approach about freedom or absolute truth by U.G. Krishnamurthy. ‘Truth, which is life itself, is like a living flame without shape- so don’t try to bind it or imprison it with any definite forms, with any systems or religion, dogmas, doctrines and institutions. To-do-so is to kill it’. I had enough opportunities to interact with Smt Rajini Menon. I can very well say that the expression of ‘Truth’ in Mrs. Menon is exceptional.  She has a blossomed intelligence with pristine purity. I feel the fragrance of the gentle breeze which carries the beauty of truth and peace, which can attract people. Her words come from the inner most core.

She was a normal housewife till 2008, until then had no exposure to spirituality. She had to face heart breaking situations and had to undergo unbearable pain which she handled by her tremendous inner strength and absolute righteousness following her inner voice. The whole transformation happened thus.   The body system underwent various changes and finally the absolute truth dawned on her. Individual identity and personification vanished forever in a natural way. The system started functioning in the most natural, normal and beautiful way. All the concepts and conditionings totally wiped out effortlessly. Pivotal point of circle got smashed. Thus, all the limitations got transcended and have become one with the whole without boundary and barrier. Everything became spontaneous.

The transformation happened all of a sudden by the will of the nature (God) and her body mechanism was shaken thoroughly paving way to death experience just like that of Ramana Maharshi, UG, Ajja and many others. To regain normalcy it takes time, sometimes a very long time. But in her case normalcy was instantaneous and a new life started in tune with the cosmic consciousness. Ever since after that, she was spontaneous in answering questions to ardent, genuine and sincere seekers.

What flows out through her about life and truth are mesmerizingly grand.  Whatever is the level of the seeker, she is seen to be coming down to their level. The flow of words enter their hearts penetrating and shattering their ego. There is only spontaneity. This book is a compilation of such spontaneous answers to seekers.

To me she is wonderful and extra ordinary for satsang. I have always felt tremendous peace, serenity and purity in her presence.

 Swami Rajeswarananda Saraswati, Chief Editor,  Rishimukh,