What is Service ?

Q:  What is service? When a lady feeds a hungry baby in the street it is called service, whereas when the same lady feeds her own hungry baby that is not service. Why is different interpretation for similar action?

Rajini Ma:  When you do something which directly or indirectly benefits your ego- self, you don’t call it service!
And when you do something which directly or indirectly benefits anyone other than your ego-self, and is righteous, it is called service!

This is the difference between something that is service and something that is not.

But what is service in its true essence?

Service is an attitude, an attitude that should be reflected in your day to day living at every step/moment in your thoughts words and deeds. And only those thoughts words and deeds which reflect righteousness, and benefit others and not your ego-self, either directly or indirectly, alone is true service, service in its true essence!!!