self inquiry rajini menon

When you have a problem, ask yourself ‘who’ is having the problem! Or, anything like that, like who the questioner is …! Immediately your mind starts the search but it invariably gets stuck, unable to pin point!

Feel that stuck mind unable to move, not knowing what!

This stuck mind is what you have to catch hold of! 

That is the glimpse you get of the ‘no-mind’ state! 

The mind unable to move, stagnant and stuck for a second, with your full attention in your inside which you get immediately as the question is thrown at you either by somebody or by yourself, is what you have to capture! FEEL IT!

May be you will be able to just have a glimpse of the blankness for a second or so, but that’s the key you are not to miss! 

The more you do this, the more glimpses you get. But if a mature/pure soul does it, the happening that many crave for happens instantaneously and effortlessly. 

For the mind to be still and unwavering, even for a second, one needs a pure mind. To be established in that blankness it needs to be immensely pure.

The purer the thoughts, the thinner the mind, and the easier for it to enter the ‘no-mind’ state, just like a highly speeding vehicle can’t be put to halt by a sudden break as it would overturn. So before applying breaks, one has to slow it down!!!


All techniques are not meant for all, especially this technique ! 
This technique works only for those souls that have reached the verge of the maturation process!

When the question is put to you, your attention stills and your mind stills unable to find who you are! 
For this stilling to happen, it needs a very slow mind or a thin mind, devoid of much activity!

For stopping a vehicle it needs to be slowed down first before applying breaks!
Similar is the case with mind. For the stillness to happen, it needs to be a very thin mind where there aren’t much of haphazard and strong thoughts pulsating!

For reaching that kind of mental state, it needs to be a pure and mature mind.